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5 Things You Must Check Before Picking a Pipette Tip

List of aspects you should check when picking pipette tips.

Running a laboratory is not a simple thing as there are so many tasks and activities one should monitor. Many people do not understand this part. A simple job such as buying a pipette requires you to put in the best effort. Nowadays, you can find them in a few colors.

Yellow pipette tips, however, are one of them that most of the people in the labs these days are preferring to use. Accurate transferring of the fluids is possible only when you use the best and high-quality pipettes.

The success of the research or reproducibility of the same depends primarily on the pipette tips that you select. Here are some of the things that you need to consider when you are buying one.

High-Quality Pipette Tips: If you are using a low-quality tip, even the best pipette cannot give you accurate results. Hence, you should not plan on purchasing the tips from a vendor who seems to sell this product for a low price.

You should take the time to check for a vendor that will sell high-quality tips that they manufacture from good quality polypropylene. You should also ensure that the tips are straight, and does not have imperfections or flaws that are visible and are entirely free from molding flash.

Understand Your Requirements: Now, this is the second thing that you need to check before placing an order. These days, you can find the pipette tips in various sizes and formats. You should check with your team to understand the need and check all the available options before proceeding to make the purchase.

Some of the pipette types that you find in the market are standard, filtered, non-filtered, and extended length tips. It is also crucial for you to check to see if the packaging is convenient or suitable for you. You can also pick non-sterile tips in bulk.

So many reload options are available these days. Check all the options that you have and choose the right one that will work well for your laboratory.

Check If It Has Additives: Some of the tips have additives added to them. If you do not check this aspect and use it, you might end up contaminating the samples. If there are chemicals such as DiHEMDA and oleamide in it, they can also interfere with the results. Hence, this is something that you should check before making the purchase.

Should Fit Properly: Always prefer to buy tips that fit well with the pipette. There is no reason why you should exert too much pressure to fit in with the pipette. Purchase one that can be easily attached to the pipette.

Try the Samples: It is wise to get samples from reputed manufacturers and check if it is working well for you. If you do not think it is the right thing, you should not plan on buying the yellow pipette tips. Only if you are content with the samples that you have used, you should go forward.