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Hack: Common Misconceptions about the Use of Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are being used in various disciplines, and there are common misconceptions about their usage. These misconceptions may differ for various disciplines, but understanding the realities about latex gloves would make the users know how and when to use it. However, latex gloves serve a great deal of importance in our world today. In case you are wondering where to buy latex gloves, you don’t have to bother too much, as they are available in a lot of pharmaceutical stores.

Some of the misconceptions about the use of latex gloves include:

A Glove with More Texture Will Provide Good Grip

A lot of people believe that the texture on the glove is responsible for its grip effect. Well, this is not true as a smoothly surfaced glove might even have more grip than a highly textured glove. However, what is responsible for the grip of the latex glove is the treatment that is being applied on the glove surface. If the treatment that is used for the glove is processed properly, it would give the glove more grip effect. An example of a surface treatment that is used to improve the grip effect is chlorine. When the glove surface is chlorinated, it creates a kind of surface tack and grip.

It is Safe to Use the Glove throughout the Procedure

Another misconception is that a latex glove can be used, no matter how long a procedure takes. This is false, as there is a wear-time for every latex glove in which it becomes unsafe to use the glove. Also, depending on what purpose the gloves are used for, this wear-time may reduce. An example is using the glove in a laboratory. When the glove comes in contact with some toxic chemicals, it can drastically reduce the glove’s wear-time. So it is necessary that the wear-time of a glove be known before purchasing it.

All Latex Gloves Are the Same

Some people believe that all gloves are the same and made of latex, and there is no difference in their makeup. However, there are various types of gloves based on what they are made from, although the most common glove types are made from latex, nitrile, and vinyl. Each of this glove type has its own advantage over others. For latex made gloves, they are more resistant to tear than the other two. Nitrile gloves are more resistant to chemicals and solutions. While vinyl drugs are more resistant to electric shock. Even if these gloves are made from the same material, there will still be differences in their quality as they come from various manufacturing companies. This can be as a result of the material formulation, and the use of other additives.

Buying a Cheap Glove Saves Cost

This is also a very big misconception mostly for people that think all gloves are the same. When a glove is being bought cheap, chances are high that its durability is very low. So for safety purpose, buy a glove with high durability.

You have to consider what you need the glove for, before buying any type of glove. Also, you do not need to bother about where to buy latex gloves as you can place an order online.