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Why Should You Use Latex Gloves in the Medical Industry?

Latex gloves are used in most medical facilities you visit. Read this article to know the importance of the latex gloves.

Hygiene is important in medical facilities as it will ensure there is no spread of infectious diseases. All the medical personnel in the facility are required to wear approved gloves when they are carrying out their activities. They do work in an environment where disease causing pathogens are common and the way of preventing them from getting into their bodies is through usage of the best quality gloves. The gloves also prevent the transfer of the disease pathogens from the patient to the healthcare provider.

For the last few decades, latex has been used extensively to produce most of the medical gloves. Latex gloves have a number of benefits over the other gloves. In this article, we are going to look at the different reasons why every medical facility should have latex gloves Singapore.

They Protect the Hands

Latex gloves are very strong and resistant to the chemicals that the medical personnel come across in their work. The gloves can also guard your hands against any chemical hazards. The physicians, doctors, and nurses use different kinds of drugs to treat people who visit their facilities. As a medical personnel you are not supposed to be exposed to all these drugs and chemicals since you might suffer from health complications.

The latex gloves can protect you against any chemicals you handle. The medical personnel also use sharp razors and surgical blades to treat the patients. There is a high risk of piercings and cuts. However, with the appropriate latex gloves, you will be well protected against the cuts and piercings.

Prevention of Cross Contamination

The main purpose of the latex gloves is to offer protection against cross contamination. Most of the germs and micro-organisms which cause diseases are usually within the medical facility. It means that as much as we say that the physician can get infected by the patient, there is also a high chance of infection by other medical personnel. The latex gloves are worn to make sure the medical personnel have been well protected against mucus and other body fluids which they come into contact with regularly.

By using the gloves, physicians will be well protected against infections carried by the patients they serve. They can also protect the patient from contact with any harmful microbes or disease causing pathogens from the hands of the medical workers.

Enhancing the Grip

There are two different types of the medical gloves — the surgical gloves and the exam gloves. Exam gloves are the ones used by the physician, nurse and the other medical personnel when they are carrying out regular health checkups. On the other hand, surgical gloves are used during surgery and they have been designed with the appropriate thickness to increase the touch sensitivity. Ensure you choose the right one with good thickness to meet your unique needs.

Latex gloves have a number of benefits as compared to the other gloves. When looking for latex gloves Singapore, make sure you buy the original latex gloves and avoid getting them from unreliable suppliers.