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1.5ml SuperSpin™ Polypropylene Micro Centrifuge Tubes with flat caps, Amber

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  • Cat No. 3016-871
  • Spins to: 40 000/RCF
  • Amber – for light sensitive samples
  • Ultra-high centrifuging to 40 000 x G8**
  • Optically clear resin
  • Resin will not interfere with DNA or PCR*
  • For Phenol/Chloroform vortexing
  • Reduced Thumb Force

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SuperSpin™ microcentrifuge tubes with easy open caps, writing surface and graduations

Our SuperSpin™ microcentrifuge tubes incorporate features you need most when using centrifuge tubes. And these tubes are made with medical grade virgin resins. Not recycled resins.

Most microcentrifuge tubes are made of low quality grade resins to keep costs low or recycled plastics. We use only virgin high quality medical grade ultra clean resins.

Additional information

Weight 0.47 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 5 cm

500pieces/pack, 10packs/case