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50ml PerformR™ Centrifuge Tubes, with Flat screw Cap, Conical bottom, Sterile.

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Cat No. 3186-345
Tube dimensions : Overall length : 115mm; Inside diameter : 25mm; Outside diameter : 29mm
Packing : 50 tubes/pack, 10 packs/case
Brand : Labcon North America

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SuperClear® tubes are not only better when you use them, the process used to make them is better, helping reduce their environmental and social footprint.

SuperClear® tubes offer you a standard of performance not available from other brands of centrifuge tubes. These tubes are made from a unique medical grade resin that is far more durable than commodity grade resins used in most other brands of tubes. This high quality resin makes it possible for you to spin these tubes at g-forces up to 233% greater than other tubes. So you can finally do those extractions you did in polycarbonate tubes before.

SuperClear® tubes feature our Patented labeling spot that helps reduce smearing of lab markers at the same time it protects sample labeling from damage during storage and centrifuging.

You can order these tubes with our exclusive flat cap that includes an integral molded-in elastomeric sealing ring, or a plug style cap that includes a very deep sealing area. The flat style caps can be easily labeled and are designed to allow you to seal them to an evaporation seal with ¾ turn for one-handed operation. And then a final ¼ turn will seal them liquid tight. Only SuperClear® tubes are available with the SuperSeal™ molded in elastomeric seal. We also offer a plug style cap that is perfect for use with horizontal rocker tables or extended storage.

SuperClear® tubes are available in packaging styles for all your needs, including our exclusive IntegraPack® 10 tube Sterile packs, individually wrapped sterile packs, reusable polypropylene racks, Patented fiber racks, sterile bulk bags, and non-sterile bulk bags. All our sterile products use medical grade packaging and are radiation sterilized following a validated ISO 11137 method.

50ml PerformR™ High clarity Polypropylene (PP) Centrifuge Tubes, with Flat screw Cap with two-stage seal, with Printed Black Graduations, and extra large labeling/writing area, Conical bottom, Sterile.

– spin to 12,500 RCF
– Autoclavable; Freezable (-80°C)
– Non-Pyrogenic, Endotoxin Free
– Human DNA and Rnase/Dnase Free
– Medical Grade Resin and packaging;
– USFDA CFR 21 compliant
– Suitable for IVD, CE marked

Additional information

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 10 cm

50 tubes/pack, 10 packs/case