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Must-Have Microscope Accessories for Scientists

Microscopes are essential for the study of specimens that cannot be viewed with the naked eye making them must have tools in any laboratory. For a stress-free use of microscopes, you must invest in quality accessories that complement its basic functionalities.

Microscopes have significantly evolved over time from the simple instruments which maximized on the principles of magnification to the sophisticated models that we have today. The function of the scientific equipment has not changed but has become enhanced as scientists are able to view more details of any specimen under study. The continuous upgrading of microscopes has equally led to an increased necessity to invest in top of the line accessories for better functionality of the instruments.

The worry on where to buy microscope slides and accessories has been eliminated with the rise of online stores that specialize in laboratory products. Now under a single location, you have access to an extensive range of products sourced from trusted manufacturers. This ensures you never have to keep on taking unnecessary gambles by relying on general stores which randomly stock products that are not quality checked. A store that specializes in laboratory products is further backed by professional teams who have an in-depth understanding of the demands of the science and research sector.

The variety of choice that comes with settling for specialized stores is another advantage for shoppers who are after value for their money. Among the most commonly sought after microscope accessories you can find from reliable suppliers include;

• Microscope cover glasses
• Staining products
• Objective lenses and camera
• Laboratory markers
• Slide mailers and cover slip lifters

All these accessories play an important role in helping to not only complete a laboratory set up but to make work easier for laboratory technicians. The cover slip lifters, for example, eliminate the manual handling of slides thus avoiding any unwanted contamination to the specimen. Laboratory markers, on the other hand, are vital for the clear labeling of all items under use and study in the laboratory to avoid any mix up which have the potential to impact on a study negatively.

While looking for where to buy microscope slides, you must also take into account the variety of the models available in a store. There are different types of microscope slides in the market today with slight differences in each model being very significant.A common differentiating factor is whether the slide is frosted or not with many scientists making a choice depending on the project they are working on and the microscopes they are using. You can also choose microscope slides depending on their edges which can either be straight cut or have tips that are curved at different angles.

A final consideration as you but microscope slides is the availability of cover glasses which are required for covering the specimen under study. Many scientists prefer to use microscope cover glasses as they flatten the specimen allowing for better viewing. The accessories also act as a cover to the specimen avoiding contamination from airborne particles which have the potential to alter the purity of the final results.